Health, Safety, Security and Environmental The Mundy Companies “Safety” Culture At the Mundy Companies, our safety culture is shown by the attitudes and behaviors of all employees. Our safety culture is best described by the following:

1. Management Commitment: The Owners and Executive management’s motto is “Flawless Execution” in everything we do with safety as the #1 goal, quality as the #2 goal and productivity as the #3 goal.

2. Employee Involvement: Mundy encourages employee participation via the Safety Observation Program. In this program, employees go beyond "the call of duty" to identify unsafe conditions and behaviors, and intervene to correct them. Simultaneously, production does not suffer but is enhanced due to the level of excellence developed within the organization.

3. Worksite Analysis & Hazard Identification: Safety is everyone's responsibility. Safety is a value of the organization and is an integral part of operations. Management and employees are committed and involved in preventing losses. Mundy employees have “Stop Work Authority” and are expected to use it when necessary.

4. Safety Training & Recognition: Mundy strives to constantly improve employee safety awareness through safety training and recognition programs. Employee training is key to our success. In addition, recognition programs such as “Thumbs Up for Safety” for individual contributions; and the “Keep It Alive” program for sites show our employees that meeting or exceeding monthly safety goals is important.

5. Safety Performance & Metrics: Mundy’s safety key performance indicators rank in the first quartile for competitors, consequently we also experience low accident rates, low turn-over, low absenteeism, and high productivity. Mundy measures safety program effectiveness with leading and lagging indicators.

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