Mundy strives to constantly improve employee safety awareness through safety training and recognition programs. Employee training is key to our success. In addition, recognition programs such as “Thumbs Up for Safety” for individual contributions; and the “Keep It Alive” program for sites show our employees that meeting or exceeding monthly safety goals is important.

Safety Observation Program

The purpose of the Safety Observation Progra is to eliminate hazards and unsafe conditions by correcting unsafe behavior through positive coaching with the use of Safety Observers. This will enhance the incident prevention process by providing a means for each worker to become more active in the safety process through participation and by identifying behaviors upstream of the incident. Promotes a culture where everyone coaches everyone else to be safe.

Job Hazard Analysis Program

The program helps to establish minimum requirements for an effective job safety/hazard analysis method to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of unanticipated incidents involving injury, illness, or damage to people, property, equipment, or environment. The Mundy Companies uses a proactive approach to hazard identification and control by conducting job safety analysis (JSA) or job hazard analysis (JHA). This JSA/JHA procedure is a tool used to improve job safety through:

1. Identifying the hazards or potential hazards associated with each step of a job.

2. Finding effective control measures to prevent or eliminate exposure.

3. Training new employees on recommended safe job procedures and how to apply these procedures to their work. Safety training is provided before the new employee performs the tasks.

4. Creating a safe work environment through accident prevention. This JSA procedure shall be implemented for every job or task at every Mundy worksite.

5. Enhancing job methods and reducing costs resulting from employee absenteeism and workers’ compensation due to on-the-job injuries.

"Thumbs Up" Recognition Program

The purpose of this program is to recognize those people who promote a 200% commitment to safety. That is, when an employee demonstrates 100% accountability for their own safe work practices and 100% accountability for the safe work practices of their co-workers. Mundy employees show ownership of their work areas by letting it be known by their words and actions that unsafe acts and conditions will be promptly addressed.

"Keep It Alive" Recognition Program

The purpose of “Keep It Alive” is to replace the annual Kick-off Meeting and focus on the behavioral based safety and work practices with twelve (12) monthly celebrations. This procedure is applicable to all Mundy sites. Each Site Manager, Safety professionals and the Operations Manager develops a plan for monthly safety emphasis, focusing on Behaviors and Work Practice based goals. The emphasis is on specific and achievable, but not “given” goals that we can reach without effort.


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