Founded in 1955, The Mundy Companies is a privately owned company headquartered in Houston, Texas with field offices in Texas, North Carolina, and Louisiana. The Mundy Companies has provided a single vendor solution in various types of industrial services for over 60 years. Mundy has built its reputation as a dependable industrial contractor utilizing our core values of Safety, Quality and Productivity. We are focused on being a reliable and cost-effective provider of contract and rotating equipment repair services for our customers which is demonstrated by maintaining over fifty year relationships with some of our current customers.

Industries Served

  • Petrochemical

  • Chemical

  • Refining

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech

  • Oil and Gas

  • Manufacturing

  • Film and Fiber

Mundy Strengths

  • Excellent safety culture tracking leading indicator behaviors.

  • Our pillars of performance are Safety, Quality, Productivity.

  • Flawless Execution Process.

  • We know and are honest about our limitations.

  • Family owned company, able to respond quickly.

  • Contract friendly, flexible execution.

  • VPP Supporter with 4 Active VPP Sites.

Five Principles of Good Employee Relations

  1. Fair Treatment - One set of rules for all employees.

  2. Equal Treatment - Consistent enforcement of the rules.

  3. Recognition - Positive reinforcement of achievement. Let our employees know we care about them. Promote employee pride.

  4. Communication - Two-way. Tell our employees how they fit in. Inform our employees of expectations. Ask each employee to contribute ideas. Listen and Respond.

  5. Individual Opportunity - Based on performance rather than friendships or relations.

Our Companies

  • Mundy Maintenance and Services, LLC

  • Mundy Maintenance Services and Operations, LLC

  • Mundy Support Services, LLC

  • Mundy Service Corporation

  • Gulf Coast Mechanical, LLC

  • Turbine, Pump and Compressor, LLC

  • Burden Industries, LLC

  • Clearwater Loaders, Inc.

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