Founded in 1955, The Mundy Companies is a privately owned company headquartered in Houston, Texas with field offices in Texas, North Carolina, and Louisiana while performing work all throughout the Gulf and East Coast. The Mundy Companies has provided a single vendor solution in various types of industrial services for over 65 years. Mundy has built its reputation as a dependable industrial contractor utilizing our core values of Safety, Quality and Productivity. We are focused on being a reliable and cost-effective provider of contract and rotating equipment repair services for our customers which is demonstrated by maintaining over fifty year relationships with some of our current customers.

Mundy Strengths

  • Excellent safety culture tracking leading indicator behaviors.

  • Our pillars of performance are Safety, Quality, Productivity.

  • Flawless Execution Process.

  • We know and are honest about our limitations.

  • Family owned company, able to respond quickly.

  • Contract friendly, flexible execution.

  • VPP Supporter.

Industries Served

  • Petrochemical

  • Chemical

  • Refining

  • Agriculture

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech

  • Oil and Gas

  • Manufacturing

  • Film and Fiber


Affiliated Companies

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Turbine, Pump & Compressor

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